About NVNG


NVNG Investment Advisors connects strategic capital seeking financial returns from the innovative ventures that fuel growth, via vetted venture capital investment opportunities.

NVNG Investment Advisors is an investment platform and network made up of a family of funds specifically designed to deliver competitive financial returns while also impacting place and addressing the strategic objectives of its investor base. The NVNG team delivers direct engagement with the venture capital industry, bringing efficiency to your investment in an inefficient market.

Our Core Values

The foundational concepts of who we are, and how we do what we do.

  • The truth has no bias—and our interpretation of it shouldn’t either.
  • The ‘right thing to do’ is always right.
  • Our prime value to customers comes not in the recommendations we deliver, but the opportunities we uncover in the first place.
  • Create opportunity by developing solutions to specific problems based on sound, proven first principles.
  • Question EVERYTHING.
  • Embrace candor, but with a warm, human hand.
  • As a team, we always have each other’s back.

Our promise to our investors is that when choosing NVNG, corporate and institutionally venture-oriented investors get a disciplined, rigorous, and proven matchmaker that can vet, curate, and advance their unique objectives by connecting them with opportunities via  diversified ‘fund of funds’ products.

The NVNG Investment Strategy

Fund of Funds

The venture capital industry has become synonymous with disruption for its ability to finance and grow industry altering technologies. Unlike a traditional fund of funds with a purely financial focus, NVNG’s funds are built to strategically connect motivated investor bases with venture capital professionals to advance investors’ objectives.

Add Venture NVNG Logo

NVNG +Venture Platform

NVNG +Venture Platform (pronounced add venture) is an exclusive platform to facilitate engagement across the NVNG community of investors, corporate innovators, venture capital firms, and startup companies. The diversity and breadth of exposure are enhanced as NVNG facilitates and organizes connections. An excellent add for those new to the asset class or for investors with established programs, a fund of funds approach complements and supports all; providing access to a diverse group of venture capital funds from which to build community and connections.

Corporate and institutional-venture oriented investors get a disciplined, rigorous, and proven matchmaker that can curate and advance their unique objectives by connecting them with opportunities via diversified ‘fund of funds’ products.

The NVNG Team

NVNG Investment Advisors is comprised of a team of investing and operating professionals who came together to use their diverse set of talents and skills built through decades of work in the institutional investment, technology transfer, venture capital, and startup company industries.

The team operates as a disciplined guide and experienced connector intent on serving an engaged and mutually beneficial community of active investors, venture capital funds, and underlying portfolio companies.

Carrie Thome

 Chief Executive Officer / Managing Director

Grady Buchanan

Managing Director

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Visit us at our Madison office
551 W. Main Street, Madison, WI 53703!

& Stay tuned! There are plans in the works for a new office in Milwaukee, WI.