Parallel to NVNG’s fund of funds platform, +Venture Wisconsin, is a community of investors, venture capital funds, and Wisconsin-based startup companies. Our goal is to offer a landing spot for those interested in connecting with Wisconsin’s entrepreneurial ecosystem.

We believe that raising awareness and creating accessible engagement with Wisconsin-based companies will result in economic growth, job creation, and attraction of entrepreneurs and young companies to the Wisconsin market. Wisconsin industry possesses strong potential to be leaders in innovation through a wide range of sectors.

Proven in similar models throughout the Midwest, a local fund of funds creates a powerful multiplier effect. Venture dollars are invested into funds & local startups, additional investments follow, and returns remain in the state and increase available capital towards new investments and jobs. Though our addition of the +Venture Wisconsin platform, startups are showcased on a national stage where they are highlighted and connected to larger venture networks.

Born and raised in Wisconsin, the NVNG team is passionate about connecting venture capital and the innovation it supports to our local industries and startup companies. We believe these community connections lead to resiliency and an ability to face any and all challenges the future poses. On Wisconsin!

What We Mean When We Say Wisconsin Fund of Funds

Finding investors focused on community and strategy

  • Including corporations, institutional investors, family offices, and institutions of higher education.

Selecting relevant venture capital funds

  • Focused on the strengths of Wisconsin industry and those with interest in investing in Wisconsin’s startups.

Prioritizing financial returns

  • Robust returns: grow the economy, invigorate industries, create jobs, bring talent, and attracts additional investments.

Building transparency into Wisconsin’s entrepreneurial ecosystem

  • Startups and venture capital funds thrive in ecosystems, not on their own.

Unlocking the substantial benefits of genuine collaboration

  • A chain is only as strong as its weakest link.

Are you a startup company based in Wisconsin?