Our Team

Our long-time experience and diverse set of talents span decades of work in the institutional investment, technology transfer, venture capital, and startup company industries. We operate as a disciplined guide and experienced connector intent on serving an engaged and mutually beneficial community of active investors, venture capital funds, and underlying portfolio companies.

Carrie Thome

Managing Director

Grady Buchanan

Managing Director
Marina Rostein headshot

Marina Rostein

Head of Platform

Our Values

Our core values reflect the foundational concepts of who we are, and how we do what we do:

  • The truth has no bias—and our interpretation of it shouldn’t either.
  • The ‘right thing to do’ is always right.
  • Our prime value to customers comes not in the recommendations we deliver, but the opportunities we uncover in the first place.
  • Create opportunity by developing solutions to specific problems based on sound, proven first principles.
  • Question EVERYTHING.
  • Embrace candor with a warm, human hand.
  • Our team always has each other’s back.

Fund of Funds Model

NVNG Investment Advisors’ Fund I is a “fund of funds”. We handpicked a select group of venture funds designed to deliver competitive financial returns while also impacting the Wisconsin ecosystem and addressing the strategic objectives of the investor base. Through our networks, we are able to access highly competitive funds across the country that individual investors may not have access to.